Player Development

Off Pitch

There is so much more to a professional footballer than playing football, as what you do off the pitch is equally important as what you do on it. From following the right diet through to surrounding yourself with the right network of friends and support team, there’s lots of positive lifestyle choices that players can adopt to improve self-development.

We actively encourage all of our players to constantly strive to improve themselves, even when it comes to their body language, tone and how they conduct themselves on and off the pitch. After all, first impressions count and having the right attitude and mind-set naturally leads to higher levels of professionalism.

We are proud that we are the first agency who have created a “Players code of Conduct.” This allows us to play a vital role in enhancing the reputation and marketability of our players, so that they are seen as positive role models to fellow peers and fans around the world. All players are also DNA tested to enable our team to build a bespoke training program that is designed to help players develop both mentally and physically. We have found that this also helps to reduce and manage injury problems.

On Pitch

Decision Making
Decision making is a key area of development in younger players. After all, it’s a lot like learning to drive a car or ride a bike – when the process becomes natural, decisions can be made in a split second, signalling the difference between playing in the Premier League or the Championship. We have our own independent coaches away from clubs who offer support, guidance and sessions to help develop this core area of the game.

The game is constantly changing and now a lot of academies are looking to recruit based on Athletic ability first before footballing ability.  The thinking behind this recruitment decision is that you can improve a player’s footballing skills who are naturally athletic. However, the problem with this is that the natural love for the game might not always be there. This is not an approach we support. For example, we support and develop players with a natural love of football first and then work with our Athletic coaches to enhance their Athletic ability. Our focus is on explosive movement, speed, balance and agility. If taught and worked on from an early age, we truly believe that we can support a well-rounded footballer, with all of core requirements needed to play at the highest level.

You can be the greatest player in the world however, if you struggle to perform in front of large crowds, performance can be impacted. We have a team of specialist sports psychologists, who can help develop a winner mindset.