Code of Conduct

Below are the requirements for all CFI signed players.

1. Time Keeping

It’s essential that players are organised, prepared and allow enough time when attending football related events such as training, matches and media commitments. We recommend players arrive 15 – 30 minutes early for all commitments.

2. Travel

It is beneficial and recommended for players to have their own transport and a valid UK driving licence. How ever, for those that don’t, the necessary arrangements should be made to ensure players are notrelying on public transport or friends/family members. This only applies to players who are 17 years ofage or older. If a player does not have a Full UK driving licence upon signing with CFI, the player should have passed the theory test within 3 months and their full driving test within 6 months, (if a player turns 17 whilst signed with CFI, we would expect the player to have their full UK driving licence within 6 months of their 17th Birthday). Our players’ services team can help players with this. Please ask for support when needed.

3. Social Media

We recommend all players have active social media profiles open to the general public for football related content only. All Instagram accounts must have the following in their bio:

Agent: @cfiagency

4. Personality Screening

All players must have completed a personality test prior to signing with CFI.

5. Communication

We ask that if any member of the CFI team contacts you via WhatsApp, you respond within 24 hours. Within one month of the transfer window closing in summer and two weeks in winter, we require a response within one hour (subject to working commitments/pending transfer). It’s also essential that all players are part of the CFI players’ WhatsApp group and play an active part within communication between agency staff and their fellow players.

6. Nutrition/Diet

If a player is within a club where a nutritional programme is being followed, there will be no additional requirements that we ask of you. However, if there isn’t a programme in place, we expect all players to be signed up to the colour fit app, which costs £47.00 per year at the player’s cost. This is to ensure the players maintain stamina, recovery and longevity.

7. Holiday Notice

We request that no holidays be taken within the playing season (unless agreed with the parent club). We should also be kept informed of holiday dates to ensure players can attend pre-season training camps to ensure they arrive back at training in the best possible condition.

8. Out of Season Training

Prior to the start of a new season and before players are due to report back, we request that players attend the training camps we have arranged. The cost of this is covered for all players in the Premiership, Championship and League 1. It is the player’s responsibility to cover costs where they do not meet the criteria. This is subject to the player’s contact with their parent club. We would also ask that players follow our programmes for fitness and post pictures and videos within the players’ WhatsApp group.

9. Paperwork Organisation

We must have a photocopy of each player’s passport. It is the responsibility of each player to ensure their travel documents are valid for at least two years. We must also have a copy of each player’s birth certificate. For nation team selection, we must be informed of the nationality of parents and grandparents of both sides. If the player qualifies to represent another nation apart from England, we must have on file the birth certificate of the parents/grandparents to ensure the claim is valid.

10. Unauthorised Approaches

Should you be contacted or approached directly, we ask that you inform whoever has contacted you to speak to us directly, and that you send their details over to CFI. We ask that if any other agents or agencies contact you, to also provide us with the full details of the communication. It’s common practice for agencies to directly approach players and entice them with opportunities, however, we are a forward-thinking agency who are prepared to work with any other agent when there is a genuine interest from a club.