Player Recruitment For clubs – Why Work with CFI

At CFI Football Agents our main aim as an agency is to make sure that our players are at the peak of physical fitness, mentally prepared and have an overwhelming desire to be the best they can be and achieve the best they can for their club.

Why work with CFI for Professional player recruitment

  • Players are DNA tested so that our specialist trainers can design customised training programmes based on a player’s individual DNA profile. We also have our own condition and running specialists, as well as expert digitisations with years of experience ensuring players are in their best possible condition. All clubs that we work with are provided with detailed DNA reports for each player.
  • All players also undergo personality screening. This allows us to understand how to keep players motivated and manage them appropriately. These detailed reports are provided to each club, giving a first-hand insight into your player’s thought processes.
  • Each player will also receive their own personalised nutrition plan, in the form of the Colour Fit app by Tom Little, so you can be sure that they are looking after their diet. After all, diet is a core component when it comes to performance on the pitch.

In addition to this, we have a 10-point player code of conduct that we expect all our players to adhere to. If these points are not met, players will be released from their contracts with CFI.

Finally, I would like to reinforce the fact that we take great pride in our approach and always advise our players on the best career development options for their personal journey. We place a huge emphasis on the wellbeing of all players.

Our mantra has always been: “let your football do the talking and the rest will come.”